Roadie Training Plans

Roadie Training Plans are designed by Sports Scientists and Cycling Coaches to ensure you have the best plan to achieve your best race season yet. 

Most of you reading this will have a good idea of how to do an annual training plan for your upcoming season.  Highlighting your most important races then planning your Base, Build and Peak phases.  Roadie Training Plans makes the next simple.  Our 4 week plans are designed to slot into each of these phases, taking care of the details of planning individual workouts.  This ensures that you get the right training to get you into peak condition for your most important races. 

We approached the design of our plans with two considerations in mind. Firstly we take into account the current level you are competing at, using the Category you race in.  This means that each of our plans ensures you do the amount of training your current level requires, ensuring you become competitive without the risk of overtraining.  Secondly we consider the type of racing your peak races will require and what sort of courses you will be competing on.  This makes sure that you train the right areas of your fitness to get in you in peak condition for your most important races. 

Most importantly we know that you race your bike because you love to ride, so are plans make sure you spend as much time on your bike as the science allows to get your in peak shape for your most important goals.  Unlike other training plans we believe all time on spent on the bike is important to achieving your goals.