Do your training plans actually work?

The training plans are based on my scientific knowledge in the field of endurance sports.  Drawing from the latest ideas in cycle training and conditioning, as well as other endurance sports, our plans are designed to ensure you reach your most important races in the best possible condition.

I can get training plans free elsewhere, why should I pay for yours?

Our training plans are not only specifically designed to improve your performance they are also designed to target specific areas of fitness to help you be at your best for what ever type of racing you are targeting.  With over 150 plans to choose from, and organised to match both your own level and the demands of the races you choose to do, we are sure you will find one that will help you improve your performance. If your still unsure try one of our free training plans available in all categories of training plans.

Do I need a Power Meter?

No you don't.  The minimum amount of equipment you require to follow one of our training plans is a heart rate monitor.

Why is the price in US$?

We sell our training plans through the Training Peaks platform.  As an American company they solely operate in US$.

Why do I need a Training Peaks account?

Our training plans are delivered through the Training Peaks platform so you will need an account to access your plan. 

Training Peaks is the premier online resource for planning and recording endurance training.  We feel that Training Peaks not only make it easy for you to follow our plans but also offers a unique level of analysis to help you get the most out of your training.

Do I have to pay for Training Peaks?

No you don't.  All our training plans can be accessed through a free account.  If you wish to open a Premium Athlete account with Training Peaks you will get even more tools to help you improve your performance.

Do you work for / Are you sponsored by Training Peaks?

No we are 100% independent of Training Peaks.  In fact we pay a fee to sell our training plans through their platform and do not receive any commission if you decide to open a Premium Athlete account with them.


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